EIGHT: a thriving democracy

Our government exists for the people.

Because we value a strong democracy we are engaged and thoughtful citizens. We know how democracy works and we are confident to play our part in large and small ways. We are not afraid to speak up, initiate political action and work together for the common good of our country – at election time and on every other day of the year.

We can rely on our elected leaders to serve the greater good, putting the needs of the country before party or personal ambition. With big money no longer funding political campaigns and politicians, our leaders are visionary. They think beyond the next election cycle to the next generation, and what our country really needs.

Our Parliament is as diverse as our population: deeply in touch with the communities they represent, and the impact of any decisions they make. Parliamentarians and other leaders emerge from our community representing the many walks of life and the many backgrounds and identities that make up our country.

Public servants are experts in their field, empowered to give frank and fearless advice. Robust, independent oversight helps protect the values of a free and fair democracy. Our laws are upheld with integrity, and our justice system is fair and independent.

We have free speech and a free press and our media serves the public good by asking the difficult questions and holding those in power accountable.

Our democracy serves our people and inspires the world.