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FIVE: a diversity of people living side by side


Australia is a diverse nation.

We see this splendid diversity in our leaders, on our screens, in our papers, in the food we eat, in the books we read and in the cultures we celebrate.

We are a compassionate nation where all people are made to feel safe and welcome. We welcome migrants and refugees, assisting people to become part of our communities and culture with warmth, creativity and love. We are proud of our capacity to do this.

Our belief in equality gives us the courage to turn away from prejudice and discrimination, and turn towards each other. We know that many of our own parents, grandparents and friends were made to feel like unwelcome outsiders at first, and we choose to do things differently. We stand together: across faiths, backgrounds, ages, abilities, colours, sexualities and genders.

We are strong because we live together in harmony. While we may disagree about politics, religion, parenting and taste in music, we do so with respect, peacefully getting on with our lives.