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FOUR: a society where all contributions count and every job has dignity

Whatever we do, our contribution to society is recognised and valued.

Some people have an obvious job or role, others contribute to the common good in other ways. Paid employment is not the only path to worthiness, recognition and success.

Many of us work inside the home, running our households: caring for our children, our elderly, our loved ones. This is understood as essential work – respected and supported by both business and government alike. People who have children no longer need to choose between holding up babies or holding down careers. It’s normal for both men and women to be taken seriously as professionals while working part-time, or with more flexible hours. Caring and parenting are proudly reclaimed from slivers of spare time to the centre of our community life.

Paid jobs also have dignity and workers have rights. People join together to protect and advance those rights, leaving a legacy of better jobs, organisations and communities. At work, people can expect to be treated fairly and paid on time, while earning enough to make ends meet, sustain a family and retire well.

We don’t have to scramble to hold down one or more insecure positions simply to survive. Affordable, quality training; education; and childcare are available to everyone.

We are encouraged and supported in doing work that serves people and the planet in some way – be that cleaning the streets or performing surgery. Cultural and creative work are valued and we fund them well.

We continuously renew and update our workplaces for an evolving future. We know that many jobs will disappear and others we can’t yet imagine will be invented. As technology leaps ahead, we hold on firmly to our humanity.

Each one of us is seen and valued for who we actually are. We live full and meaningful lives in and out of the workplace.