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NINE: a proud contributor to a just world


Australia does good in the world.

We stand on our own two feet as we develop a fair and just approach to working with other countries. We do not blindly follow others, no matter how powerful.

We are active in building a safer, more peaceful, more united globe. We uphold the international laws and conventions that make our world fairer and more secure for all people.

We expect Australian governments and businesses to uphold human rights, acting in the best interest of people and the planet – everywhere. We reject trade agreements and practises that put profits for a few above the needs of the many.

We work in partnership with countries tackling poverty, injustice and disadvantage. We act from the belief that children growing up in East Timor and Uganda are no less deserving of health, education or safety than children growing up in Sydney and Melbourne. We put our money where our values are.

We not only welcome refugees, we do whatever we can to make the world right for everyone, so people don’t need to flee their homes in the first place.

We are proud of our Australia, proud of what we stand for and proud of our role in the world.