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ONE: a first people's heart


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, the oldest continuing culture on earth, are respected and celebrated at the very heart of what it means to be Australian.

A First Nations Voice is enshrined in the Australian Constitution and the First Peoples of Australia speak regularly with the Parliament about the matters of importance to this nation.

Our journey of reconciliation has resulted in treaties between governments and First Peoples, unifying our nation. We now walk together, listening and learning from one another.

Self-determination drives sustained, long-term transformational change, with First Peoples having control over and a full say in decisions impacting lives and communities.

As a nation, we have courageously broken the silence about the history and impact of colonisation. We all recognise that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have fought, sacrificed and held on tightly to survival through impossibly difficult times. Learning from our history, we ensure this kind of dispossession never happens again. Working together to acknowledge, understand and heal from trauma we have become a better country.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples live full lives in this land. Families and communities are whole and strong. Aboriginal languages are spoken, history and stories shared. Children and young people flourish. We celebrate genuine, sustainable leaps forward – in life expectancy, family safety, health, education, declining rates of imprisonment and more – knowing that every measure of progress uplifts, heals and frees us all.