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i am for - examples


 I am for love in all its forms,
With families mixed and unique;
I am for the fight which brings the peace,
Which gives a chance for acceptance to peak;

 I am for the holding of hands,
For the giving of happiness and joy;
I am for the crying of tears,
For the sympathy given to the lonely boy;

 I am for the remembrance of blood,
Which killed soldiers united under a belief;
I am for the widows and children,
Who suffered through the grief;  

I am for woman emerging from the shadows,
Trying to be heard;
I am for the healing of battle scars,
And the freedom of the bird;

 I am for the gift of the truth,
For the death of bitter lies;
I am for the lending of hands,
For lifeline who always tries; 

But I am not for people who died in vain,
Not for the ones who fought for no gain;
I am not for people who don’t care,
I am not for people who rule unfair;

I am for love.

 Sydney Atkinson, Year 7 Cammeraygal High school