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It always seems impossible until it’s done
— Nelson Mandela

What can I do?

We’re often asked, “What can I do?”

Our answer: lead from where you, as you are.

You are the best person in your community to take this vision forward. Bring Australia reMADE into your workplace, school, local club or faith group  and start a conversation. Create a plan. Get inspired. Then tell us how it goes.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be redeveloping this page but in the meantime check out the resources we have below to help you champion the vision.


What can I do now?

Endorse the vision

  • Sign up and endorse Australia reMADE! By publicly putting your name to this vision and committing to work towards Australia reMADE you help to show how large our community is and how normal this dream is.

  • Get others to sign up. The more the merrier! Get your workplace, parents group, badminton club, or community organisation to agree that Australia reMADE is the world we want to live in.

Use Australia reMADE as a way to talk about the things that you want

  • While lots of individuals share the dream of Australia reMADE, making it a reality will be difficult unless we start talking about it. But it’s not just having the conversation that is important, the WAY we talk about the issues can make the difference between continuing on a path we don’t want and actually achieving an Australia reMADE. Download the messaging guide or tips on how to change the conversation.

Reflect on how your organisation can work for an Australia reMADE

  • Inspire: Tell a compelling and realistic story about our vision for tomorrow grounded in our values and collectively told by multiple people, in a multitude of ways

  • Unmask: Make the invisible visible though our understanding of how we got into this mess, the levers of power and the shifts in power required

  • Connect: Effectively collaborate across our movements and issues as we work together to change the systems that hold all of us back.

Be in the world in a way that is consistent with Australia Remade

  • Reflect: personally, in your family or among your friends, in the organisation where you work or volunteer, in your community. Check out these questions if you want help getting started.

  • Celebrate what you are already doing that is consistent with the ideals in Australia reMADE and do more of it.

  • Reflect on what can you do differently tomorrow. Then take action to live more of the vision of Australia reMADE now.

Run an event inspired by Australia reMADE

  • Host a conversation about Australia reMADE.

  • Organise other events or groups inspired by Australia reMADE: a reading group exploring books and articles relevant to the vision; a get together with other artists to create (and show) artwork inspired by Australia reMADE; host speakers or a movie screening on a topic of relevance; contact us to request someone to talk to your group about Australia reMADE.

  • Call us to talk about your ideas or if you would like assistance shaping them.

  • And, don’t forget to email us your success stories. We are collecting stories and ideas now and will post these to inspire and help others.

Become a part of A24 and contribute to its work

  • Endorse Australia reMADE and join our mailing list so we can let you know about future A24 gatherings (about 2 a year) or other events.

  • Get in touch with the Australia reMADE Coordinator to explore other ways you might want to get involved.

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Support those organisations who have endorsed Australia reMADE

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Let us use whatever power and influence we have, working with whatever resources are already available, mobilizing the people who are with us to work for what they care about.
— Margaret Wheatley, 'What this World Needs'
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