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SEVEN: a new dawn for women


Women are visible, valued and celebrated

– with power in Parliament, business, the community and the home. Women and girls make up half of our leaders at all levels of society and lead us in new and inspiring ways.

Women are paid the same rates as men for the same jobs. Women are given credit and fair compensation for the work we do. Our voices are given airtime and life is better because women are a normal, equal part of the decision-making process at all levels of society.

As a nation we are proud that violence and harassment towards women and girls is never tolerated. Indeed, violence of any kind, towards any person is no longer held up as a sign of strength. We treat each other with respect and human decency. 

Women go about their lives, no longer having to protect against abusive partners, workmates and dates; no longer focusing on what to say, where to walk and what to wear. We are free to live fully and give our best to the world.

Men commit equally to women’s safety, equality and wellbeing; limiting definitions of masculinity fall away. Regardless of gender or sexuality, there is freedom to love, care, live, work and belong. We are whole.