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SIX: a Country of flourishing Communities

We are compassionate and connected.

Because our basic needs are met, we have time for each other and our communities.

Our communities are places of music, fun and playfulness, kindness and generosity. The air is clean and the shade is plentiful. Neighbours talk to each other and children play in the streets.

Good infrastructure such as public transport, public parks, collective gardens and collective tool sheds help us get out of our houses and into each other’s company. We connect with each other in our communities, over sports, books, creative arts, gardening, clubs and more. Artists, musicians and storytellers have place of pride in our culture: we relish the joy, insight and meaning they bring to our lives.

Our education system equips us to live meaningful lives. Not only are we taught how to read and write but also how to think critically, build relationships, nurture creativity and listen to different perspectives. We learn about our own worth and we learn the art of belonging.

Families, neighbours and communities look after one another. Everyone is included.

There are spaces for children and teenagers to participate fully in community life. We pride ourselves on a strong sense of community spirit, teaching our children by example how to be good neighbours and friends. We make sure that regardless of age, old, young or in the middle, we all have a place.

And... we have time. Time to care and be cared for. Time to enjoy our families and each other, to savour this beautiful earth, to be creative and to rest.