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the Secretariat

The Australia reMADE Alliance is guided by a volunteer Secretariat from a range of different backgrounds and organisations.

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Louise Tarrant

Louise Tarrant is a lifelong unionist and spent many years with United Voice (including as National Secretary). United Voice is the union supporting people working in many low paid occupations such as cleaning, aged care, hospitality and early childhood education.

Louise is currently on the Board of Greenpeace Asia Pacific and the Climate Action Network (CANA) and is the current chair of the Australia reMADE Secretariat.

In her work Louise has witnessed the struggle of diverse people united by economic challenge come together to campaign for a better future for themselves and their families. United by a love of this country – particularly its beaches and warmth; its stability and freedoms compared to where many have come from; and the life-long opportunities a good education, health and welfare system offer.

Louise is passionate about dismantling the concentration of power and wealth that undermines our national sense of a fair go and fair play, that hollows out our democracy and puts business interests ahead of our environment. She is involved in Australia reMADE as a way of opening space for new conversations about the future – a future where people and planet come first.

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Cassandra Goldie

Cassandra has been CEO of ACOSS since July 2010. With public policy expertise in economic and social issues, civil society, social justice and human rights, Cassandra has represented the interests of people who are disadvantaged, and civil society generally, in major national and international processes as well as in grassroots communities.

Cassandra has previously held senior roles in both the NFP and public sectors, including as Director of Sex and Age Discrimination with the Australian Human Rights Commission, Director and Principal Solicitor with the Darwin Community Legal Service and Senior Executive with Legal Aid in Western Australia.

Cassandra has a PhD from the University of New South Wales, a Masters of Law from University College London and is an Adjunct Professor with the Faculty of Law, UNSW.

In 2014, Cassandra was voted one of the Impact 25 Most Influential People in the Social Economy and recognised by the AFR in 2015 on their Annual Overt Power List. In 2018, Cassandra was recognised as one of Australia’s top 50 Outstanding LGBTI Executives by Deloitte.

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Archie Law

Archie is Chair of the Sydney Peace Foundation which awards the annual Sydney Peace Prize. He was the founding Executive Director of ActionAid Australia, an anti-poverty agency active in over 40 countries. Archie has significant field experience and has worked in conflict affected environments with both the United Nations and non-governmental organisations in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Archie has been working on building a vision for the new Australia from the very beginning of this project.  He loves this country and is passionate about working with all Australians to create the country that we want. A country that treasures its culture and its people and shares its values with the world.

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Kelly O’Shanassy

Kelly is the CEO of the Australian Conservation Foundation and a sustainability leader, experienced in executive roles in business, government and the community sector. In her career, Kelly has led the charge to boost clean energy, save water and protect Australia’s rivers, reefs, forests and wildlife. She believes strongly in utilising ‘people power’ and ‘un-usual’ partnerships to advocate for a better future. Kelly believes if we work together, we can remake Australia into something better for people and nature.

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Ann Porcino

Ann is a strategist, facilitator and consultant. Director of RPR Consulting she facilitates bold conversations about the critical issues of our time, inspiring hope and building strategies for change.  Ann has been part of building Australia reMADE since its beginnings and coordinated the work that turned discussions with people across the country into Australia Remade. She is also the Deputy Chair of the Secretariat.

Ann came to Australia from New York in the 1980s. She started work in Australia as a hospital CEO and then director of Australia’s health accreditation agency. She has decades of experience in senior management positions and as a strategic consultant across civil society and with government.  She works with many progressive organisations and leaders.  Ann is deeply committed to enabling the people she works with to build alliances, tackle underlying systems and find new ways of working to serve humanity and the planet.

Ann lives in Sydney close to her daughters, husband, friends and violin.

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David Ritter

David is the Chief Executive Officer of Greenpeace Australia Pacific.

 Before taking up his present position, David worked for Greenpeace UK in a series of senior campaign positions. Prior to joining Greenpeace, David was one of Australia's leading Indigenous rights lawyers and the author of two books on native title. David's most recent book is The Coal Truth: The Fight to Stop Adani, Defeat the Big Polluters and Reclaim our Democracy.  He lives in Sydney with his partner and two daughters. 

 David has been involved with Australia reMADE since the beginning and is excited about the potential for this work as a key step towards our shared flourishing future.

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Paul Oosting

Paul has been the National Director of GetUp since 2015. He led GetUp’s successful 2016 election campaign which focused on multiple areas such as stopping funding cuts to local hospitals, holding corporate tax dodgers to account and keeping climate action at the top of the agenda. In 2017, Paul ranked in the top 10 of the Australian Financial Review’s Power Index of the most covertly powerful people in 2017. Before joining GetUp, Paul led the successful campaign to stop Gunns’ proposed pulp mill in Tasmania. The campaign resulted in the protection of over 160,000 hectares of Tasmania’s ancient forests. 

Our national coordinator and communications strategist work closely with the secretariat.

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Millie Rooney - National Coordinator

Millie is a carer for her family and community. She’s passionate about acknowledging this work as a valid, valuable and legitimate use of her time.

Millie has a research background with a PhD in local community and social norms around neighbourhood sharing and community building. As the Research Coordinator for Australia reMADE Millie had the privilege of listening to people reflection on their hopes and dreams for this country.

Until stepping into the National Coordinator role full time, Millie ran a sustainability internship program at the University of Tasmania where she empowered students to create transformational change. Together with the students she explored the potential for hope and vision in the pursuit of institutional and social change.

Millie has been involved in Australia reMADE for several years and is in awe of the passion and power that emerges when we start collectively dreaming for the world we want.

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Lilian Spencer - Communications Strategist

Lily is a writer, speaker, campaigner and engagement expert for a fair and flourishing world.  She is one of Australia’s leading impact communications specialists, with over a decade of experience spanning non-profits, political campaigns and cutting-edge social enterprises.

Lily’s forte is vision and values-led communications. She helped craft the Australia reMADE Vision and now leads Australia reMADE’s ongoing communications strategy and engagement work.

She’s found in her work building big, welcoming tents for causes of all kinds that yes, people are stressed and stretched, but we will utterly delight you if given the chance. 


Miriam Hechtman - Poet Laureate

Miriam Hechtman is a Sydney based poet, journalist and events producer. She is passionate about women’s rights, rituals and community and feels particularly alive when meeting new people, listening to their stories and connecting with them. Miriam founded and hosts the successful monthly poetry night POETICA in Bondi and also writes poetry under the insta handle @_fourlines_. She grew up in Melbourne, Australia with four Holocaust survivor grandparents, a fate that has informed and developed her interest in dealing with trauma, more specifically trans generational trauma, a theme that often surfaces in her creative endeavours. She is mother to two daughters and wife to one man.

“I am interested in bringing about change, drawing attention to matters that might have gone under the radar and questioning the status quo. I believe everyone has a story and I am first the listener and then the messenger. I feel privileged to be Australian and having travelled all over the world I am grateful to be living in such a beautiful, multicultural and mostly peaceful country. I feel that when given the opportunity people are eager to be educated and this is best communicated through people’s stories. We are living in very precarious times and we have so much opportunity to learn from history and from our current status. Every day is an opportunity for evolution.”