TWO: a natural world for now and the future

We are a part of, and connected to, this land.

We love our wild forests and sandy beaches, our deserts and grasslands, our paddocks and farms. We love our startling wildlife and awe-inspiring vistas – and so we act to protect them.

We respect the planet and take care of it, knowing that our lives depend on the natural environment. Together we are forging the future of our land, guided by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ millennia of experience, wisdom and care. Our natural world is visible, celebrated and thriving.

We all have free access to clean air and water, to good food and to land that is well cared for. Wildlife is rich and abundant. We support our farmers to grow fresh food in ways that regenerate the soil and promote the health of our land and waterways.

We power our country with clean, renewable energy, owned and managed for everyone’s benefit. We have stopped extracting and burning fossil fuels and supported the transition to meaningful jobs in the clean energy economy. Our government and businesses assist communities impacted by damage to our climate, acknowledging our responsibility to make things right.

We no longer exist in a state of denial, despair or fear about our impact on the natural world. Instead we take action to protect and restore this land. We are proud of our relationship with our land, air, wildlife and water. We know that our children and our neighbours and friends will be free to enjoy this beautiful country for generations to come.