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Australia reMADE

Who we are

Australia reMADE is an independent alliance of engaged people and community leaders from all walks of life -- working to name, plan and act on the Australia of our dreams. We started as A24, a group of civil society leaders tired of working in isolation, tired of being so focused on putting out fires that we had little room left for long-term proactive agenda-setting and collaboration.

We set ourselves the task of actually mapping out what we’re for: a cohesive vision of the world we want; grounded in the voices, values and experiences of everyday people, not policy wonks. That research project took us into people’s hearts and homes, having rich conversations about the Australia of their dreams.

It was a brilliant exercise for restoring faith in humanity, and for recognising that what divides us is surface; what unites us is fundamental.

The inspiring vision of Australia reMADE is just the beginning of the world that needs to be done. Drawn from hundreds of conversations across the country, it is a statement that gives us all hope in the simplicity and possibility of a better tomorrow. Australia reMADE paints a picture of a future where people and planet come first, where values of love and community triumph and where justice and fairness for all become the new ‘normal’ – the new common sense.

And our work does not just stop at visioning, important though this is.

The next phase of our work is focusing on how we make our vision a reality. Naming the big ideas that will put people and planet first is our ultimate goal while honing our understanding of what needs to change to make this happen.

This is a big conversation and we are not alone in diving into it. There is growing momentum for a discussion that gets us off the back foot, out of our silos and joined up with others wanting focus on solutions and transformation.

We feel the work associated with Australia reMADE could be useful to these conversations and welcome the opportunity to share, collaborate, and connect diverse conversations focused on creating a socially and ecologically just society.

Our values

Unity with nature

  • We are part of nature.

  • We respect nature’s limits.

  • We consider looking after nature as a gift to ourselves, each other and future generations.

Equal worth of all people

  • We all have equal worth as human beings and an equal right to a good life.

  • Our value as people does not depend on our gender, the colour of our skin, where we live, who we love, our capabilities, our income or who we worship.

Interdependence and community

  • We depend on each other.

  • We are not just isolated individuals but social beings who can achieve more together than apart.

  • Love and care for each other and the planet is our primary motivator.

Our principles

Cooperation not competition: We believe people can achieve more when we work together than when we compete.

Well-being not economic growth as a measure of progress: The core goal of our economy and society should be to maximise the well-being of people and planet.

Powers is shared not concentrated: We need to redistribute power to ensure no group dominates another and correct imbalances that systematically privilege some groups and identities.

Collective rules not freedom to harm: We need rules that help us all act fairly and protect the many from the selfish instincts of the few.

Sharing not self interest: We believe people instinctively want to share with and care for others. Our society needs to enable these sharing behaviours, rather than perpetuate the myth that greed and self-interest are inherent.

Preserving of nature not exploitation: Without a healthy natural home, we cannot flourish. Our economy, society and laws must enshrine all our rights to fresh air, clean water and a world of natural beauty.

Our way of working

  • Love and care is at the heart of how we work together

  • None of us can win alone

  • We seek to build common ground based on shared analysis, while acknowledging and respecting difference

  • We reject cynicism, the pursuit of the perfect, divisive behaviours and undemocratic solutions

  • We work in good faith and with positive intentions

  • We aspire to bring many diverse voices into our community – but within a clear framework of articulated values

  • We exist because this project and its approach is not occurring elsewhere in this moment

  • History and human nature are on our side. We expect to win.

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Making Australia reMADE

The Short Version

In June 2017, the A24 Engagement Project began. The project sought to hear from ordinary Australians about the future they want for Australia. And wow! the 200+ people we listened to had a lot to say about how great they think this country could be, and a lot to say about what they think is currently wrong. People were asked to dream out loud about the Australia they want and to think with us about how such a transformation could happen. Their ideas and dreams have come to give life to a vision for Australia, Australia reMADE, adding depth, breadth, spirit and hope to previous draft vision statements developed in the 2016 by many others who attended a series of A24 Gatherings and considered the same questions. 

Read more about how we wrote the vision and hear some of the incredible stories we heard along the way…

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