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creative responses


“Artists, musicians and storytellers have pride of place in our culture: we relish the joy, insight and meaning they bring to our lives”

Pillar Six - A Country of flourishing communities


Australia reMADE has already inspired some wonderful creative work and we look forward to sharing it with you. 

We also hope to hear from the many other artists, writers, musicians, children, dancers and creatives who may have been inspired to respond - so please do get in touch!

I AM FOR, written and performed by Miriam Hechtman, inspired by Australia ReMADE.


You can find out more about Miriam at Moving Trains PRoductions and keep up to date with her poetry here.


artwork by Anna Wilson

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The artwork, website, and logo were all created by Anna Wilson.

Two key concepts inspired the drawings and design. The first was Australia’s golden sun. This round symbol is a unifying feature of Australia. People may have diverse backgrounds and ideas, and live far from one another in this spread out land, but they all spend their days under the same sun.

The second was the idea of gathering. Ideas and creativity come from gathering together. People coming together inevitably create something new. Things gathered together also represent possibility. The circles hold all these gatherings together and again symbolise the potential creative solutions, futures, and lives that occur when diverse people and things are gathered in one place.

You can see more of anna’s Illustration & Design At Anna Wilson INk and see her latest drawings Here.