Australia reMADE is our shared vision for a country where people and planet come first.

Australia reMADE is an independent, vision-based collaboration of community leaders and individuals.

We’re here to name what we want, map solutions, gather community, bridge divides and spread ideas that uplift us all. Together we’re wrestling with the challenges we face, the opportunities we have and big ideas we need to build an Australia that works for everyone.

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We’re often asked, “What can I do?”
Our answer: lead from where you, as you are.
You are the best person in your community to take this vision forward. Bring Australia reMADE into your workplace, school, local club or faith group and start a conversation. Create a plan. Get inspired. Then tell us how it goes. We’ve got some ideas and tools to help you do this...

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These are the stories about how we can and are working together to create the best version of

us: a country defined by courage and compassion, where people and planet come first. Have a read...

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Chances are you have all sorts of talents, expertise, resources and ideas we should hear about. Right now we’re most in need of venues and catering for upcoming gatherings across Australia, as well as printing resources. We’re also keen to build relationships with local communities + artists, journos and non-profit, government and business leaders.  Get in touch if you think you have something to offer.