Creating the best version of us

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Imagine you have woken up in the Australia of your dreams.
What is it like?

In 2017 we asked this question to people all over the country – with nothing to sell, no politician to elect and no agenda other than to listen deeply.

We started these conversations because if we are going to grab hold of our country and move things closer to the way we would like them to be, we need to know what we want. We need a new, compelling story of transformation and restoration; one that ignites our hope and moves us into action.

Listening to hundreds of people, from many walks of life, we came away understanding that the hopes and dreams we share for our future are staggeringly similar.

Australia Remade is our shared vision for the future and we invite you to join us in making it a reality.


I endorse the Australian Remade vision because I want to see our country appreciate what we have and become even better. I want to see job opportunities which allow people to care for the environment instead of exploit it. I want to live in a connected community. This vision speaks for me.
— Rachel
Imagining what we want for Australia is a much harder task than pointing out all the failures of the system. In the current political and environmental climate we NEED a hopeful vision for our future.
— Maya
I love this country and I want it to be protected from the environmental, political and social damage that is currently taking place. Humans have the capacity to bring their kindness, generosity, love, human values and hard work forward for good, as we see in times of crisis. I believe they can do this as a way of life and that we can create a better Australia for generations to come.
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