A retreat

Some thinking…


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This is a gathering like no other, with participants like none other in terms breadth and depth of expertise. So putting together a pre-retreat reading list was no small feat. In the end we opted for limited 'required reading' to prime a certain amount of shared thinking to jump off from, and an extended list of content you may browse (or not) at your leisure.

A big thank you to all of you for helping to shape the agenda, as well as sharing content that's influenced and inspired you.

Reading prior to the retreat: please read these three

Feel free to browse the additional resources below

Research we've done: a bird's eye view of progressive architecture today

Please email Millie@australiareMADE.org for permission before sending any of this work to others.

Where are we up to? Which other organisations are doing this kind of future-we-want mapping? And what have we learned about language, framing, neoliberalism and the public debate today? These links are optional reads, but provide additional insight and context. It's not an exhaustive list or analysis by any means; more of an overview of the forest than an x-ray of the trees. You're very welcome to comment directly on the google docs themselves, and to participate in the ongoing discussions — many of you are experts in these areas.

Thinking & visioning that other people have been doing

In the context of Australia reMADE there are two excellent short videos well worth watching:

additional Readings and videos that have inspired our retreat participants

Many of you shared your own recommendations for content that's moved you or advanced your own understanding. We’ve assembled them below for everyone to access and refer to going forward.