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Australia reMade

Who we are

A24 is an alliance of civil society activists/leaders and organisations, from environmental NGOs, to social justice organisations, faith groups, unions, academics and the community who are all committed to:

  • Inspiring: Changing the air we breathe, by creating and embedding a new positive vision for our future that puts people and planet first.
  • Unmasking: Making the invisible visible by helping us all join the dots of how our world operates and how change happens.
  • Connecting: Creating a big baggy tent which brings together people and organisations committed to working beyond our siloed areas toward a just and loving future.

We have a strategy for the way that these ideas fit together and how we intend to go about remaking Australia.

The inspiring vision of Australia Remade is just the beginning of the world that needs to be done. Drawn from hundreds of conversations across the country, it is a statement that gives us all hope in the simplicity and possibility of a better tomorrow. Australia Remade paints a picture of a future where people and planet come first, where values of love and community triumph and where justice and fairness for all become the new ‘normal’ – the new common sense.

And our work does not just stop at visioning, important though this is.

To learn more about how we intend to go about remaking Australia (and how you can get involved), please download our information sheetcheck out the tools available or get in touch to have a chat.

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Making Australia reMade

The Short Version

In June 2017, the A24 Engagement Project began. The project sought to hear from ordinary Australians about the future they want for Australia. And wow! the 200+ people we listened to had a lot to say about how great they think this country could be, and a lot to say about what they think is currently wrong. People were asked to dream out loud about the Australia they want and to think with us about how such a transformation could happen. Their ideas and dreams have come to give life to a vision for Australia, Australia Remade, adding depth, breadth, spirit and hope to previous draft vision statements developed in the 2016 by many others who attended a series of A24 Gatherings and considered the same questions. 

Read more about how we wrote the vision and hear some of the incredible stories we heard along the way…

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