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What we heard

As it turns out, the people we spoke with want remarkably similar things. Their visions for waking in a better world told the same story again and again.  The essence of what we heard has been distilled into the 9 pillars for transformation contained in Australia reMADE:

  1. A First People’s heart

  2. A natural world for now and the future

  3. An economy for the people

  4. A society where all contributions count and every job has dignity

  5. A diversity of people living side by side

  6. A country of flourishing communities

  7. A new dawn for women

  8. A thriving democracy

  9. A proud contributor to a just world

 We also heard other amazing things in our conversations; important things about who we are as a nation and how we make change. Things about the power of hope, the importance of a shared vision and the need to celebrate those already going quietly about this work.


We heard that people want these conversations.

Some actively sought us out, inviting us to their meeting of leaders from many faiths and cultural backgrounds and clamouring to enthusiastically get their visions heard. Others thanked us for finding them, appreciating that we had asked the questions that we did and took the time to listen.

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Statements from those we spoke to


We felt the eagerness of people to participate

and to contribute their vision.

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Listen to members of Melbourne's Vietnamese community including three women on a couch...


We heard the pain of people living on the margins

and the spirit, courage and determination that enable some people to keep fighting, despite their daily struggles.

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Hear the stories of single parents struggling with the system but still determined to find for themselves and others the practical means for a decent life


We heard gut wrenching stories about the impact of racism and other oppressions

on real people, real communities, every day. How much harder some people have to fight; how much more resilience they must find to just get by.

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Take note of the deep impact of racism in this country and imagine... how deeply proud we could be if we tackled this


We heard about the best of Australia

of the values we share and how much we have going for us already.

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Eavesdrop on this simple example of kindness and humanity at the roots of who we are as Australian displayed by the Cowries from Cowra


And finally and irrepressibly we heard stories of courage and hope.

People moved by injustice and the struggles facing the world actively holding hope and turning it to action

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Listen to the hope holders


Read more about the making of...