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Who we spoke with

The Engagement team spoke with over 200 people in 25 in depth, one to one interviews and 15 discussion groups.

We spoke with everyday people; with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, people in low socio-economic groups and in precarious work, people from different cultural groups including from the Islamic and Vietnamese communities, young adults, single mothers, farmers and others living in rural communities, faith leaders, LGBTQI+ people, disability and climate activists, feminists and people working in the arts. Some were prominent community leaders; many were not.

People we spoke with lived in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Launceston and Perth; in La Trobe Valley Victoria and Gloucestor and Crookwell in NSW.

We found participants mostly via word of mouth but sometimes through public advertisements or by gathering people who self-selected at various conferences. The group of people was not representative of all Australians; that was never the intention. Our goal was to listen to people from a diversity of backgrounds and walks of life; as many people as we could within the budget we had. (There are about 24 million others we hope to engage with some day!)


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