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the project team

The creation of Australia reMADE was facilitated by 6 members of the A24 network: Ann Porcino, Millie Rooney, Elenie Poulos, Sandy Killick and Archie Law.

Ann Porcino was the overall Project Coordinator, closely assisted in all aspects of the project by Millie Rooney, who was the Project’s Research Coordinator.  

Throughout the writing process it was clear that this document was never going to have one author. While Millie Rooney and Ann Porcino, later with assistance from Lily Spencer, pulled together the words on the page, this is a vision written by many and reviewed by many; the vision and spark of Australia reMADE is a collective effort.

The project team were paid for their work and travel expenses. Funds for this work came from a number of Australian NGOs active in the A24 network and passionate about creating a better future.


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