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Australia reMADE

Stories from the A24 Engagement Project 

In 2017 we listened to over 200 leaders from communities around Australia. These people represented First Nations, migrants, workers, faith groups, LGBTQI+ communities and more. The project sought to hear from ordinary Australians about the future they want for Australia.

The people we listened to had a lot to say about how great they think this country could be, and a lot to say about what they think is currently wrong.  People were asked to dream out loud about the Australia they want and to think with us about how such a transformation could happen. Their ideas and dreams have come to give life to a vision for Australia, Australia reMADE, adding depth, breadth, spirit and hope to previous draft visions developed in 2016 by others in the A24 network.

Australia reMADE was developed in close collaboration with National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples. Rod Little and Jackie Huggins played a critical role, not only in patiently working on the development of Pillar One - a first people’s heart, but on the whole of the vision as well. Throughout the development of Australia reMADE we also worked closely with other first peoples. We interviewed Indigenous people one to one and spoke with Indigenous people as a part of the small group discussions held during the engagement process. These varied and deep contributions were essential to the creation of Australia reMADE.

This is the story of the Engagement Project that led to Australia reMADE; who was on the project team, what we did, the remarkable people we spoke with and the inspiring themes, ideas and imaginings that emerged from the conversations.

The Engagement Project was funded by the Australian Conservation FoundationAction AidCommunity and Public Sector UnionGetUpGreenpeaceNational Union of Workers and Oxfam


What's next

We have Australia reMADE, taken from the open-hearted people who gave their precious time to the engagement team in the belief that maybe, just maybe, what A24 is trying to do might work. 

 Now it is up to us to use it. To take the vision and ourselves seriously, to hold out hope for others, to think and act from this new paradigm as best we can and get on with the job of transformation. In short we must own our future. All of us, together.  


There are pockets of energy and hope that if connected will start a movement for change like A24 is interested in. . . It won’t be politicians or clever advertising campaigns that get Australian’s off their arses. It’ll be a sense that there is possibility and that there is something useful for them to engage with rather than the despair and doom and gloom that forces them to shut their curtains and cower inside.
engagement participant 2017